Suggested Uses Around the Home

Whether you’re talking about the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, the office or the garage, all of these rooms have one major thing in common; that is, we spend an extended period of time standing in them, sometimes for even more than an hour at a time.  Think about it.  For everyone who loves to cook or bake, how much time do you spend on prep work?  Chopping the vegetables for that stir fry, mixing the salad, whisking the eggs; you get the picture.  Not everyone rolls out of bed looking like George Clooney.  I’m guessing you brush your teeth and floss.  Maybe you also have to shave and do your hair.  Chances are, you spend more time standing in front of the mirror than you think.  How about DIY? A lot of people have started taking on home improvement projects, arts, crafts, & hobbies.  If so, you probably have a dedicated work space or tool bench.  Whatever the case may be, chances are you probably spend a lot of time on your feet fixing or creating something beautiful.  It’s time you put the same amount of attention into saving your back, joints, & muscles that allow you to do the things you need & love on a daily basis.